Choose Marrakech for your wedding and Maev agency to accompagny you !

Marrakech wedding

Marrakesh is not only a wonderful city for holidays but it became in the last 10 years a recognized and well known place as a destination wedding. That is why Maev agency settled in Marrakesh 7 years ago and made it main job “Marrakech wedding”.

Marrakech wedding” is a real mindset. It is about having the best venue for you and your guests, the best quality providers, the best organization and coordination and the best weather !

So, if you want an original and magical wedding with the best providers, consider having a “Marrakech wedding”. You can use the typical and traditional treasures of Morocco and Marrakesh and also have a modern evening with a symbolice ceremony, a nice cocktail under the sunset, a exquisite diner and a dancing part on the dancefloor.

It all starts with choosing your wedding venue. If you imagine your wedding in a villa with large green areas, a luxurious guest palace or a very intimate guest house, you will be pleased to discover different and unique places. With unsuspected and surprising places, your “Marrakech wedding” will therefore benefited from a magical setting.

Caterer, pastry chef, dj an outstanding decoration worthing the Arabian nighs, a group of competent providers will be presented and recommended to you on the based of our solid experience. Indeed, it is a catalog a various catalog of partners that will be choosed based on your needs and desires. For a typical local wedding dinner, it is with several Moroccan caterers you will have the opportunity to do tastings. For a local atmosphere, you will have several folklores which will animate your evening to transport your guests in the atmosphere of a real “Marrakech wedding”.

So do not hesitate anymore ! If you are a couple looking for a destination both exotic and accessible and whishing to have the support of professionals to guide you through every step of your wedding preparation, contact Maev agency, which works with all the futur brides and grooms wishing to have the perfect “Marrakech wedding”.