Outfits of the bride and groom

A key element of the ceremony, modern, traditional or eccentric; the uniforms of the brides and grooms will be redesigned according to your desires and personalities. Whatever your style, angelic, fairy, or romantic or completely eccentric our designers will create all your desires.

A suit from one of the pickiest tailor or a designer wedding dress, the clothes often reflect your personality. We will help you find the pearl that will delight you and take all doubt from your mind, because we know the difficulty of deciding for THE perfect outfit for your big day and this without a doubt.

Oriental outfits are also a major strength of our local partners. Caftan embroidered with matching accessories for a dignified entry of Arabian nights, we will guide you to meet your wishes. Often seen as rare and valuable items, the Moroccan caftan is a real work of art and the Moroccan wedding in the centre of attention. You will be accompanied and guided by a negafa to not worry about any details.

Gentlemen, you will not be forgotten. We will advise you a great brand, Morocco or elsewhere, a little tailor full of inspiration depends on your wishes. You can develop your outfit piece by piece, choosing the fabric, colours and create your suit or tuxedo. But we can also provide you with an outfit already done. You will not be neglected either for your oriental outfits. Morocco is full of authentic male clothing such as jabadors, the djellaba, slippers, the fez...