Photo and Video

Immortalize the big day. Our photographers and videographers bring into picture full of emotional memories. Discreetly they will capture the most intense moments, from the first preparations until the end of the night...

Professional photographer, wedding books implementation, custom movies, wedding film editing, CD, DVD, photo reports ... natural pictures that look like you, that's what we impose to our partners. We are looking to find in each one of them, a real artistic and emotional fibber as well as technical expertise often based on years of experience.

The art of photography and video grows and the demands of our brides and grooms also. More questions fixed and photos, up to report that our artists have mastered perfectly. A moment stolen, strong emotion, a shared smile, here are the highlights of your wedding. The moments go by, the memories remain and that is thanks to images.

A final file is given to you a few days after your wedding with all of your photos . Some have been reworked, retouched, a party made in black and white, which will allow you to pick from hundreds of photos and create your own selection. The cameraman meanwhile provides you with two fixtures. The first is a best of showing the highlights of your wedding and the second is a longer movie with all your event.