Reception Venues

MAEV agency has selected exceptional places that will match your desires: hotels, Guest houses, Villa, Riad, Palace, Bivouac, Berber tent or Caïdale, by the sea, on a boat, in the middle of the desert…

Every wedding is unique and it starts at first by the reception venue. Your choice is often a heart message, a feeling or a spontaneous decision, as a wedding venue is something you feel and you don’t choose. We offer you our experience through our wide catalog of places where you can pick and best prepare your visits.

During your first visit to Marrakech, we offer comprehensive support, which will start initially with a tour of different places. This selection will be prepared in advance according to your criteria: type of desired areas, indoor or outdoor, accommodation capacity, budget ... Based on those information, we will propose to you the adapted venues.

We will do our best to guide you according to your priorities, tastes and budgets. Once selected, we will use our imagination and yours in order to turn it into a wedding venue to your image. Once determined, we will proceed to the choice of different providers that we will introduce to you to build your overall budget.