The art of the table or tableware means all the furniture, dishes, silverware, glasses... is one of the decorative pillars. With our wide choice of providers you can find your happiness!

The decoration of the tables is something that requires precision and detail. Design your wedding tables passes initially by the choice of dishes, which is the most observed object. You can pick into a wide range of dishes, glassware, silverware, which will be offered in different styles. From the most Moroccan through mosaic and embroidery, to the more modern, sophisticated and simple.

The implementation of your tables will also determine a certain harmony of the space. Whether you choose round or rectangular tables, a long banquet table, your table plan is customized and unique. These elements can be supported by the desired type of food, such as a meal at the plate or a buffet for example.

Finally, once these choices made, we will propose a suitable decoration of tables. This may be an Eastern décor with rare items found with an old antique, a floral decoration matching your wedding colours or gifts for guests arranged on tables to remind them they are unique. All this will make your dining area, a space harmonized with the spirit of your wedding, without any false note.