The animation

The choice of musical entertainment is capital and it is the same for the visual animations. We have available a local and international artists of great diversity file.

Your guests determine the atmosphere of a wedding but it is also made by the different animations punctuating your evening. Whether through music through a live band, DJ or a great trio of musicians or whether you choose to delight guests with a fire juggler, a percussionist, or belly dancers, you can choose into our diverse catalogues the animations you like.
According to the theme of your different moments, pre wedding night, symbolic ceremony, cocktail or dinner, we will advise you of the types of entertainments to choose.

Local animations will be recommended as part of an oriental evening: dancers, horses, camels, wrestling player or folklore...
A cocktail lounge can be lead by a live artist, with a soul and romantic repertoire and will be punctuated by the intervention of a saxophonist.

Finally, for your dinner, a little orchestra accompany you along or a DJ with a large playlist will take you through your buggest moments of emotion.

In order to remove your guests tables after the meal, we advise you to punctuate the dance more live entertainment. A fire juggler you will dazzle your guests, a percussionist will accompany your piece mounted on the dance floor or a violinist will be grafted to your DJ to bring a refined edge.