The religious or symbolic ceremony

Depending on your confession, you can religiously or symbolically celebrate your event by starting with a ceremony...

The religious ceremony can be celebrated on the day of your wedding party, whatever your religion. The Marrakesh Church can accommodate you for a wedding mass ahead of your event, continuing with a reception at your wedding venue. The rabbis representing Jewish community move whatever your wedding venue is as the representatives of the Muslim religion, Adouls.

Most often, our brides and grooms opt for a symbolic ceremony. An exchange of vows, alliances for thirty minutes ceremony, punctuated by messages of love and friendship of your beloved ones. A celebrant helps you build a ceremonial text, unique, reflecting your inner love and it is made magical thanks to your family and friends.

Thus, an hour before sunset, you start celebrating your union with a moment of high emotion. The bride entered at the arms of his father, to join her future husband. The sensitivity and emotions of the assembly are palpable, bride and groom are on cloud and photos of this first moment of your event are often beautiful.