Theme of the reception and decoration

A theme, colour or atmosphere, is often the first ideas that you think of! Once shared with us, together we conceptualize your wishes and we make them reality.

What would be your reception without staging a scene that looks like you? The decoration, primary, element, sets the tone of the wedding and must be in harmony with the theme of the reception. This may be the transcription of a universe or a simple enhancement of a place with a beautiful and natural lighting. In order to project yourself we offer you really 3D, a draw of the real scene the d day and work jointly to achieving what you imagine.

You can also pick into our catalogue of the most creative and unusual themes: Traditional Moroccan, Arabian Nights, Magic and enchantment, Green Wedding, seafront Chic and glamorous ... All your wildest desires will be realized by our teams: flower decorations, fireworks, rain rose petals, light and sound, tapestries...

We have a large showroom in Marrakech with a large choice of equipment in which you can pick. Our many catalogues depict the proposed hardware for a real situation scenario. But thanks to our famous craftsmen, we can create unique pieces that you will have imagined or that we will invent for you.